Welcome People in our blog “EVS in Wola”!

We are EVS volunteers thanks to Erasmus+ Programme funds. Erasmus + is the European Commission program for education, training, youth and sport that give us the chance to improve our professional skills, language skills and to know others culture of European and Non-European countries. European Voluntary Service project include two organizations (sending and receiving organizations) that involves youngster between 17- 30 years old. The youngster decide to spend a period (since 2 until 12 months) in another European or Non-European Country promoting activities among local community. As volunteer, you can choose between several projects in the field: culture, entrepreneurship, children, sport…etc.
In this blog, we want to tell you what we are doing here, in your village Wola. We are going to spend with you time of 8 months. Are you ready for that? We want to invite you to participate in our activities and take part in the adventure with us.

Since July 2018, in Wola there are two EVS volunteers Rita Miriam, from Italy, and Natia from Georgia. We are involved in “Entrepreneurship and cultural for rural development” project. In the next articles, we are going to introduce ourselves.
We are looking forward to start to write and share with you our “stories”.





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