A Georgian Girl in Silesia!

20180506_185458Hello, I am Natia and I would like to share some informations about myself. I am from Georgia and  I am 20 years old. I finished my 2nd year at Gori State Teaching. I like reading, visiting historical places, taking photos and attending interesting trainings and meetings. I am creative, flexible, energetic and friendly person. After I finished my second year I was an English teacher’s assistant at English summer school. I worked with kids, I tried to make their learning methods interesting and joyful . Classes were successfully  held  due to my ideas. I was volunteering in NGO Organization ,,Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi” in Gori, Gerogia. I worked with Italians, British and Polish volunteers – we had an informative, interesting meetings activities. I would like to suggest other ideas in Wola and hope that will be helpful.

I like also innovations  and challenges, that’s why I have decided to volunteer in Wola, Poland. So, Why did I choose to be a volunteer here? I would like to develop my working skills, to share my  own experiences and  ideas to others.  Beside, volunteering abroad gives me a great chance to get to know more about Polish culture, people  and in general its lifestyle and let them know more about mine, Georgian. By taking  part in the project – „Youth,entrepreneurship and culture for rural development” I will try to to do my best, to carry out the project successfully. I am a big supporter to these kind of projects in order to develop people lifestyles in villages and give them opportunities  to be an active members of today’s society. This is the purpose of my volunteering. I hope I will be helpful in successful society building here through my activities and ideas.

See you!



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