Discovering Upper Silesia

These days were discovery in Wola. Thank to our mentor Emilia for her invitation to a traditional Polish birthday party. We found a lot of fun, dance and food there. Her family and relatives’ circle was really open and friendly. A warm welcome to this proud land. This atmosphere made us to feel like we are at home with our family. On Sunday Natia and I walked around Wola, enjoyed the good sunny weather and amazing “Fitness Park”. We have never seen this kind of park before. We think that, it is impossible to have time for boredom or laziness.

Monday morning, after a little trip around Tychy we arrived in Katowice, the capital of Silesian Region and the hearth of industrial firm of Upper Silesia. I did not expected that it was so close to Wola and well connected with neighboring town. The landscapes is dotted by cute house with spoiling roofs, tidy gardens and colorful flowers, and it is open up to bright yellow of grain fields. First step of our day here was to visit the office of “Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego” , our coordinator organization. There we met Aleksandra, a smiling and sunny polish girl. She is coordinator of EVS in Katowice. For Monday she was our special guide. Unfortunately, the weather was not right and after a fast tour of city we was wet like drowned rat. After we have done our formalities, we decided to take a lunch. We chose a vegetarian restaurant. Can you believe me? It was the first time for me, by the way the polenta “lasagna” with beet was really delicious and tasty.

However, this city gave me good vibes. I am looking forward to come back, and to get lost in its streets.



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