Between Mountain and Castles

We continue our discovery of Silesian Region with Kids from GOK of Wola. On Tuesday, we went to a Trip to Wisła mountain trek. This skii resort Cienkow-Wisłais located in Silesian Viovodeship. We found it as the best skii holiday for snow and skii lovers. Of course it is better to visit it in winter but you can enjoy in summer its beautiful fields and views. But the weather was not beautiful to us as its views so we continued our trip under heavy rain. Despite of this case we managed to continue our way peacefully and we came down by cable way. We was a little scared but the happiness of the children made us encourage and brave.  And the end, we archived our bus with lots of excitement.

On Thursday, our direction was changed. After skii resort, we visited two Bobolize and Miròw Castle and Jura Krakowsko. King Casimir III built the Great Bobolize Castle in the 14th century. It is a royal Castle of wooden structure. Inside it, we saw prison, loving room and kitchen of king. The most important part was the room where king is prays were held. We found a icon with Jesus and Virgin Mary. Second Castle was Mirow castle, which was built in the same century. Nowadays it is ruined. Architectural style of it is Polish Gothic. The Castle is far from Bobolize Castle only several kilometers on food. We walked to the forest and fallowed the path witch connected us to Miròw Castle. After a short break, we continued our way and visited Glebolha Cave. This cave is famous for stalactites, stalagmites and minerals like quarz. This mineral  used for making glasses. During describing of the cave, children actively shared their knowledge to guide and each other. Their curiosity leads them to communicate with us, overcoming shyness.




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