krakow Zoo

The next activity was a trip in a Krakow zoo. we back to our childhood with kids. Our day trip started at 8am, in the early morning. after 2 hours of travel we achieved to destination. The Zoo was a huge. First steps started toward different kind of stunning birds, it was possible to find any kind and size of ones. Children and our attention were taken by Flamingos which were amazing in the entrance of zoo, pink Flamingos were out of cage and they enjoy their freedom and trying to take peoples attention. we continued our way with a great enthusiasm and excitement, 6meter Giraffe was really lovely , children  became happy when they see this animal20180717_100344  at once. It seems friendly we  put our hand on glass and he tried to touch our hands, There were 3 giraffes but this one was a special friendly. We saw beautiful deer, funny goats , rabbits , zebras , fish, reptiles and monkeys. Despite of heavy rain we followed to way of the zoo. it was not antarctic but we met penguins  – cheerful swimmers during rain it was a nice show for us. children took many photos with them. Children and we had the same feeling, the same excitement due to see these beautiful creatures of the nature. A little bit exerted  part was visiting wild and the most dangerous  animals  like: leopard, panther, tiger and Lions.  Because of rain they  have been hidden inside woods and ,,boxes”. everybody were amazed at them, because of their silence and beauty, children stayed near cages  longer time than usual. Final part  was meeting with elephants .

Rain did not prevent us to get a joy and stay happy till the end! It was a great day for all of us !



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