International PicNic!

Mix Italian, Georgian, Bulgarian and the magnificent hosting of Polish people and you have a great culture exchange. Sunday, in Wola, pilgrims from Bulgaria arrived. This village wanted to  honor  their path with a afternoon of food, music and dance. Natia and I got involved by the GOK, that handled the animation part of the feast. Two days ago, to be ready for the party, we took part of circus workshop where we learned some tricks. After this, I did my first step into balloon shaping art and Natia face painting. It was very funny, thanks to Joanna and her team (editor’s note: director of GOK), that are women rich in surprise and brilliant teachers. Sunday, We arrived early to help organization. After arranging  our stand  a  large number of children arrives and we started. For two hours and half I feel only kinds and my hands shaping dog, sward, flowers, ladybug… It’s a very relaxing activities and to see the smile of children was priceless.  In the Meanwhile, face painting corner worked without break. I think our GOK team painted the face of all kids in  the yard.  During Bulgarian Pilgrims and Wola people danced their traditional dances. I realized how little is my knowledge about traditional Italian dance. So I decide to manage a workshop of Italian gestures. Children loved one gesture,especially, that it means ” I’m angry”. I know it’s important to know if you came in Italy. Instead, Natia showed traditional Gerogian dance “Acharuli”. She was great and elegant while she moved her arms sinuously. At the end Joanna surprised everyone calling us and Bulgarian pilgrims on stage to sing a polish song. I was very shy because I never heard before that song Szła dzieweczka – the girl was walking, and by the way, I can not read polish (we are working on it). But I was not  alone and I enjoyed too.

Between each performance, our animation team organized game: wheelbarrow race, sack race, tunnel… It was a long afternoon. At the end we were tired but very glad to be part of these moment. For the first time we were around community of Wola and  could feel their warm and hospitality. Someone recognized us, someone was curious and their children introduced at us. I hope to be involved in other feast like this.





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