Georgian dance and Polish Girls

On Sunday was the day when I felt really  excited because it was my first time to present Georgian dance ,, Acharuli” to Polish and our Guests , pilgrims from Bulgaria, that  was a great honor for me  . I tried to do my best and make people enjoy.  later I give people notes where was written about the Georgian dance and I invited them on Monday to learn some steps for kids. Next morning girls came to the hall  and waited for our meeting. I saw  a strong desire and excitement sparkles in their eyes , they were motivated to learn some movements of ,,Acharuli ” dance.

I started freceived_10217419738790434rom easy ones , the direction of hands , soft moves of wrists and arms, later  we accompanied it with  food moves.They followed me step by step. I am sure they find  difficulties due to the first attempt of foreign dance.Finally we made it ! they danced without my help.  But I am amazed and feel happy about how well they did it ! how beautiful was  to seeing their dances at the end . I was thinking it would be stunning if Polish and Georgian girls would dance together. I am proud of them I enjoyed that day a lot . Thanks to each of your to make my day ! ❤




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