Kids and Jini ( Lab workshop)


On Wednesday we  had a laboratory workshop where kids waited for Jini. Everything started from experiment. kids colored a flower and folded it. Later they put the flower in a plate, where fulled with water, they were waiting for whether the flower would woke up and suddenly it started opening, the flower did not sink  so it was beautiful moment to see.The second experiment was ballooning. There was a bottle filled with vinegar, then they put  baking soda in a balloon  and  put t on the head of the bottle , it started ballooning.

So we got balloon which was ballooned in that way. the experiment was about which balloon would ,,fly” easier and but they found out that the one which was balloolned with help of baking soda and vinegar could not fly as much as normal one , that was heavy. The next step was about dividing oil water  soda and  food coloring . we put all these in the bottle together and we god such a  beautiful view.

At the end kids waited  for  Jini . A girl who lead our lab workshop she ,,called” for Jini . suddenly there was a big smoke front of us from the bottle, it disappeared in a few minutes. But seems  Jini was sleeping and he did not appeared. Hopefully he will appear the next.




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