Rita show-cooking: Tiramisù.

The week started with a show-cooking. Children were impatience and half hour before the starting they was behind the door. Someone comes to call us during the polish lesson, for they was very funny to hear my bad, very bad, pronounces. I was a little bit excited because it was my first show-cooking, maybe there will be others in Wola, why not? Today’s dish was a dessert, actually, the most famous Italian dessert in the world: Tiramisù.




I found two problem to plan this workshop: the first quantify ingredients for 20 children and the second prepare cream for all this people. I have to say GOK is well-equipped and I worked with the best equipment around. I described the steps to prepare Tiramisù. And they follow me in the assembly operations. At the end we was dirty, happy and with a lot of sugar in our blood.

How I promised you can find here the recipe and steps to prepare Tiramisù.      

EN 8 portions                                 PL 8 porcje


6 eggs                                                 6 jajka

120 gr. sugar                                     120 gr. cukier

500 gr. mascarpone cheese            500 gr. serka mascarpone

400 gr. savoiardi biscuits                400 gr. Składniki

coffè q.s.                                              kawa

cocoa powder                                    prawdziwe kakao


1.  Separate white from yolks in two bowls. Add half of sugar in egg’s yolks.  Whisk it until thicken.

 PL: Oddziel białka od żółtek w dwóch miskach. Utrzyj żółtka z cukier (60 gr.). Wymieszaj, aż zrobi się kremowa masa.

2.  Add mascarpone cheese spoon by spoon. At the end you have a smooth mass.

PL: Utrzyj żółtka z serkiem mascarpone na jednolitą masę ( mikserem).

3. In the other bowl stiffed eggs withe

PL: Obok ubij na sztywno pianę z pozostałych białek

4.  Mix whipped white with marscarpone mass spoon by spoon, with a gentle moviment from the bottom to the top.

 PL: Połączyć białka z mascarpone mikstura na raz, z delikatnym ruchem od niskiego do wysokiego.

5.  Alternate a layer of mascarpone cream and one of l\savoiardi biscuits. Finish with a layer of mascarpone cream.

 PL: Zmień warstwę kremu mascarpone i jedną z babeczek. Wykończ warstwę kremem  mascarpone.

6. Let it rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

 PL: Pozostaw go w lodówce na co najmniej 30 minut.

7.  Decorate with a sprinkling of cocoa powder.

 PL: Udekoruj posypką kakao w proszku.

Finally it is time to take spoon and taste your Tiramisù.

I hope to meet you in our next show-cooking about Georgian dessert.






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