Poland means also Pierogi

This month here I had the chance to taste several typical polish  dishes. But one thing everyone goes crazy is Pirogi. If you have met just one time in your life a polish guy or girl, she or he starts to talk about pierogi. I taste it in a restaurant in Wisła but I am a curious and I would like to learn how to prepare. Pierogi do not have a certain origin but they are very common in center of Europe. They are filled dumplings, inside you can find several thing. There is  pierogi and meat pierogi and mushroom, or ruskie with mushed potato and withe cheese, at Greek with spinach and feta cheese. From traditional taste until modern and international. To live in a little village has its advantages, like to find a kind woman willingness to teach you how to prepare pierogi.  I was ready, clean hands and start. But wait a moment. She said you have to go to collect raspberry.  I was a little bit confused. Pierogi and fruit?

After collecting raspberry It started the most funny thing: to knead. She started to mix flavor with one eggs and adding gradually hot water. You have to knead a lot to have as results a smoothy dough. After this step She rolled the dough divided in circle with the help of a glass and now there is my surprise. She said to me to take raspberry and put inside, to close the circle of dough and to give them the tradiotional shape. I was puzzled to taste this dumplings stuffed of fruits. After boiled them I tasted and it was like explosion of taste, the sour of rasberry met the butter with a little bit of sugar. Wow guys, amazing experience, in the following you will find the recipe.

Pierogi dough

1 kg. Flavor

1 egg yolks

1 l of hot water.

If the dough it is too much fluffy you can add flavour.

So send to us your pierogi photos!!!




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