Training week in Warsaw

…And finally we had our first training which we were waiting for with a big excitement. We arrived in the afternoon and achieved to our destination- hostel Agrykola.  our day started with lunch time  there, after lunch we got a short break , then we went to the room where other EVS’s volunteers and out trainers- Kszystof and Marta were waiting for us. We were 14 volunteers : from Spain,France,Italy, 3 from Turkey, 2 Ukraine, 2 Georgia , Indonesia,Vietnam and one from near Madagaskar, All of us introduced ourselves. Were we came from and were are we volunteering right now. In order to get to know each other better they trainers decided to go to the Łazienki park all together. we made groups and started talking  about ourselves and our project.After a walk we went back to hostel. our day finished with a  trip around old town.

Next day trainers started teaching us polish letters through transcription of English words here it is : 20180904_121918[1]

Then we worked on our rules of group.Training became more and more interesting day by day. Marta and Krzystof  spoke about EVS. in order to  found out how well we known EVS they made a questionnaire. Expect such activities our training consisted  different tasks. One of our task were to found out how well labor market works in Poland . We hanged out for interviews  in streets of Warsaw. later we presented out research to others. there were also such topics : unusual roofs in Warsaw, Polish humor, Street art and etc. This was one of the most interesting day.


That is not all. there was a language and cultural day.  EVS’s members presented their mother-language, national dances and talked about traditions. one of important topic was ,,Cultural Shock”  topic consisted volunteers expectations of Poland and reality after come to the country, what was  shocking for them and how they discovered solutions .


The following day we had an energizer, each of us  said a word we learned previous day and moved our body parts. after that we continued our day the next tasks was about Polish language, we had to wrote words in English and Polish later we had to cover them and had to remember meanings and also that we had to connected  meanings. The activity was helpful to increased our Polish vocabulary. All these activities helped us to develop our skills like team-working. We were super group, most friendly, nice and  communicative.  Everyday was funny joyful and interesting for us. all of us were happy . with the help of our trainers we get more knowledge about EVS, Youthpass and Erasmus +. Thats not all we  know the awareness of being a volunteer in Poland and not only in Poland. Thanks everybody for an  amazing week !







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