Let’s continue to discover Warszaw

The week end was free and we had the chance to live Warszaw.  We had time to visit Copernico Garden and  University library that have on the roof a garden. It is amazing place to stay enjoying the good weather.

Each Summer Sunday in the Łazienki Królewskie park you can attend free chopin concert. It is amazing to lay on the grass lulled by the notes of piano. Then I went in Praga district. It was on the top of my list ”To visit in Warszaw”. It is considered a very dangerous district and for someone of Warszaw is another city. It was “luky” during the war and it had few damages in 1944. For this reason it was abandoned while all efforts were for the old city. It is like I imagined  similar to  Ballaró in Palermo and it was. Both of district they’re going through a period of requalification thanks to social program. In this frame you can find a lot of amazing graffiti. Now it is quite trendy with interesting coffee shop.

Warszaw  is interesting also in the evening. With these warm evenings the best thing is to go in the riverside of Wisła. There are a lot of pub and you can also dance!! I suggest to you to buy drink in the shop (zobkra or carrfour or local ), almost of them are open until 22.30 or 24 h.  There is a lot club  disco) but pay attention the coolest parties of Warszaw have a dress code. So it is better wear something elegant ( black dress and high heels for woman,  long treasure and skirt for men) because, and we know very well this situation , you cannot enter and  you will spend the night around to find a more easygoing club. By the way the entrance is not expensive only 20 zl. The center offer several nigh attraction for exemple in Mazowiecka street. And if you are a girl they organize a lot of girl free party with open bar.

To move in Warszaw  you can use Google Maps or Jakdojade app  where it shows public buses. These buses are on time and very often. Do not Forget to buy ticket, fine are quite expensive. Another way to move is taxi but It is very expesive. Finally at the end of the week, after walked a night to came back in the hostels to not pay the taxi, we discover Uber. Uber is perfect and with only, more or less, 10 zl you can move in the old town easily.

I found this is  young/old city offers a lot of attraction to turist but you need to excersice your eyes to go in the deep of Warszaw. By the way it is a perfect city to be in Erasmus.

So enjoiy it!!!



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