Placki ziemniaczane in a cloudy day

There are days where everything is bore and time goes very slow. For these days my mum have some special recipes. Nowadays this dishes are considered comfort food or junk food but when I was a child was only happy food. You know, in Sicily we have sun mostly so we celebrate cloudy and raining day. During this months in Poland I saw everywhere this “pancakes” of potatoes, Placki Ziemniaczane. They are very common in center european region (Germany, Slovakia, North Italy, Czech Republic, Austria … ). This is the favorite winter recipe of my brother and for this reason my mum prepared it very often.  The process is very simple. The base is composed by potatoes, eggs and flavor. But like each traditional dish after you feel like home with your parents. It warms my hearth.  Polish people add dill “koper “ and onion “cebula” in the fallowing recipe.


3 medium potatoes

3 średnie ziemniaki

1 egg

1 jajko

3/4 spoons of flavor

3/4 łyżki mąki

salt q.b



mielony pieprz

Process: Grate potatoes finely. Add Flavor, egg, salt and pepper. Stir it!! And it is ready to cook. Today I had würstel parówka”. Heat up oil in a pan and fried them. You can shape them using a spoon. They have to be flat it this way they cook evenly. Fry them in both side until they become gold and crunchy.

Usually Poles eat them with sour cream or mushroom but today we are satisfied using ketchup.

Enjoy it!!






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