English lessons in Wola for everybody !

Hello  everybody.  A great news for you –  we have already started English lessons in Wola. lessons are for kids and olders as well . There are  three groups.  We start at 16 .00 and 17.00 every Monday and Tuesday. The most surprising thing is that there are more olders than kids.  Our first meeting was  on the 2nd October , I expected  that day would be only for  meet each other and tell some about ourselves but I  find out  discovered another one . All of them were ready for the lesson. I saw big motivation of learning  English language in them, it made me excited and happy. everyone is attentive and caring a lot. kids are funny and lovely ones.  But for  older people the  first lesson   was a little different and maybe difficult too . some of them felt shy and scared  because they thought pronounce in a right way. I am here for them to help them, I  support them  to do it in a right way they have a big motivation. I try my best and sometimes I talk in Polish  I want everybody understand everything   . But that is not all, we enjoy our lessons too. It is truth  we   had only 2 lessons but I found their  some improvements yesterday. They really do well !

So if somebody else wants to join us we are waiting for you !43114673_2064390430292165_1953789500647800832_n







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