Gruppo di Italiano #2

Ciao a tutti! This second lesson surprised me because new person enjoyed our group. The group is very motivated and very fast to learn Italian, better than me with Polish. This is very important for me. It is a challenge, because as first time like a “teacher/facilitator” I should be open and understand the needs of the group, how to finish the program and not be bore. It is hard but funny! Before to start with the resume of lesson I want remind you that the next lesson will be Monday at 19.00 @Gok.

During this lesson we studied:

  • Presentazione Formale;Buongiorno, Come si chiama?; Io mi chiamo….; Piacere di conoscerla; PL: Dzien Dobry, Naziwasz się? Naziwam się….; Miło mi. Signore/Signora Pana/ Pani
  • Chiedere: Come stai? (NF) Come sta? (F)   Co u ciebe? Co u pana/pani słuchać?
  • Rispondere: Bene, Grazie. E tu?/E lei?; Abbastanza bene; Male, Non bene.

PL: wsystko świetnie, dorbze i ty? ; Po staremu. 

  • Scusa e Scusi (Prosze) we use it to ask somenthing in a polite way, to get attention from someone or to say “I am sorry” ( Przepraszam). 
  • I Pronomi : Io, Tu, Egli/Ella (Lui/Lei), Noi, Voi, Essi/e
  • I Numeri da uno a dieci

Follow us on Italian group on Evs in Wola  on Facebook and do not forget the date with Italiano in Pillole.

A presto!



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