Traditions and cooking of the Pszczyńska region

Yesterday Wola  hosted  an  important event.  It was  competition of dishes which were prepared by local  housewives from Pszczynska poviat. We had a big preparation for the event. Made decorations from carrots, onions, cabbage and dills. Most of dishes contained cabbage  and in this way we decorated a spectacular  hall.

Now let’s talk about what everything went on…  Housewives put their dishes on their special table later added decorations as well… Evening was supported by ,,Wolanie” dances and singers . Except that  we had special guests and  jury, one member  of jury was a famous cook  Remigiusz Rączka. Renia waliczek leaded the evening.  People enjoyed a lot and had fun as well everybody was allowed to degustate   these traditional dishes.   In the competition the winner was  KGW Pniówek by decesion of jury , which took 1st place, and as well as KGW Miedźna had the best dishes.  All of members were presented by organizator of Pszczynka’s poviat.

Dishes were too taste  as well as drinks . here are photos… enjoy seeing them 😉





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