Italiano: terza e quarta lezione

This  week I was in Italy to refresh Italian language for you. And, I am sorry, but I did not have time to write the resume of the last lesson. In this article you will find the lesson of Lunedì  15 October and Mercoledi 24  October. 

During the lesson of 15 October we studied the verb Avere (Mieć). Then we introduced il Nome ( singolare femminile : -a, plurale femminile: – e; singolare maschile:-o,-e; plurale maschile: -i). We played with the name, improving our vocabulary. We listen the different  pronounce of letter “G”: G+ e/i like Gelato or Giro is a sound from the teeth and G+ others letters is from throuth Like Ghiro, Gatto, Goloso… In the second part of the lesson we learned  the number da Venti a Mille.  One time you know  number it is very easy to  say your age, in Italian: Quanti anni hai? we answer: Io ho…. anni. Then, we did also Che ora sono? =What time is it?We finished the lesson with a role play to refresh how introduce themselves or others and ask how are you (Presentare e Presentardi e chiedere come sta).  It was a very nice and funny experiment.

In the last lesson of 24 October new person enjoyed our Italian group. This was for us a chance to refresh Verbs and the lesson of the last week.  We did exercise with number and name again because we talked about Articolo Determinativo. L’ articolo determinativo IL, Lo ( singolare maschile) La ( singolare femminile); I, Gli ( plurale maschile) Le ( plurale femminile). Quando si usano?

We ended the lesson with i Giorni della settimana: Lunedì, Martedì, Mercoledì, Giovedì, Venerdì, Sabato e Domenica; e i Mesi dell’anno.


Alla prossima lezione, Na następną lekcję!




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