100 LAT ! Celebrating Poland’s Independence Day in Wola.

11 november was a special date for polish people. they celebrated 100th anniversary of Iindependence. The big celebration took in part in Wola, where were involved residents from whole Commune Miedzna. Celebration consisted national songs, also there were singer group Wolanie, which we already mentioned in previous articles and one of the famous  Youth Orchestra- Silenzio.

46164388_2121735947890946_5350947716539088896_oEcxept that, Polish people presented their army clothes…. also the guns,knives and some equipement whichwere used by Polish army against their enemies in previous  century. they were quite interesting.

As a shown   we had  a huge  cake for celebration with  colours of Poland flag- red and white. on the cake was written -Miedźna dla Niepodległej. people were happy and enjoyed that day. Rita and I we had special tasks to do, we had to give Polish flags little  and patriotic cottilions for guests.46181043_2190756114477970_2122073968641835008_n

here you can see other pictures from celebraton :


You can find more pictures and a interesting article on Gazeta Pszczyńska

So… 100 lat Polska ! 🙂 



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