Entrepreneurship in the kindergarten

EVS gives us the chance to try new thing, to push us beyond our limit. To do something that you could not image before. My challenge has been to design and to attend entrepreneurship workshop for children of a kindergarten ( 3-4 years old). This is a hard task due for the little age of our fellows.

I prepared a huge, ambitious program but thanks to my trainer I understood that my evaluations were wrong. After long discussion we found a approach. For me has been quite hard to wear the clothes of a child. But I have been doing it. And the end the first meeting arrived this Tuesday. The circle of workshops is hosted by Gminne Przedszkole Publiczne nr 2 im. Wandy Chotomskiej w Woli. We show the difference between cash and coins and the name of Polish money. Then a nice Polish song about Earn, Save, Spend and Donate money. The song talk about the value of cash and I tried to explain that a “stare banknote” has the same value of new one. The children were not in agreement. We fished the workshop with the Złoty puzzle. Our journey with children is only at beginning. Stay tuned to discover all others stages.

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