#BeEntrepreneur workshop in Gilowice

FRSP and I are the promoter of a new workshop. #BeEntrepreneur aims to improve entrepreneurial skills in the youngsters. It is composed by 4 session with different topic starting from the meaning of to be an entrepreneur to the analytics schemes that can help to make their ideas in reality.

I try to put inside all the thing I learnt and I hope to learn from the group too. We are hosted in the High-school of Gilowice, they were very interested to this topic and I am glad for this. The students involved have more or less 16 years old from two different classes.  The first meeting was Monday 19 November 2018. I started introducing myself, FRSP  and my project “Youth, Entrepreneurship for rural development”, followed by a talk about Erasmus plus and, overall, Key action 1.  (You can find the presentation here) Then I asked if they know an Entrepreneur. The first name was Steve Jobs, but also  a baker can be an entrepreneur. Then we debate around the skills and qualities of a entrepreneur. From this activity  we wrote down these key characteristics and skills:

  • Self-confident
  • Self-reliant
  • Willing to take risks
  • Willing to work hard
  • Persistent
  • Ambitious
  • forward-looking
  • Opportunity focused
  • Comunicative
  • Team leader, and worker.

In the next lesson we will try to understand how to improve these skills. Stay tuned!



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