Sicily meets Miedźna!

FRSP with The Primary School of Miedźna, ex Gymnasium, organized a round of workshop about tradition and culture of Sicily and Italy as well. 

The youngsters involeved in these workshop are from the last class and 6 classe. They are studyng in English so the presentation was in this language to improve their communication skills in foreign languages. They ask to me to introduce my self and my country. With the help of interactive maps and videos they discover Sicily. The history of people pass through, what they  did, what we learned from them. The Arabic- Norman Path of Unesco in Palermo. They could recognize in our architecture and food the influence of this people. This is Palermo and this is Sicily, not only sun! Video

Then I show some movement of Italian body language, they said that my language is like music and gestures are like Macarena, a popular group dance. After pasta and piazza our way to talk is what foreigners remember about us.



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