Get to know Georgia !

Yesterday i was invitated to school in Frydek. my tasks was to meet pupuls and present my country to them. So early morning  was on the way to Frydek. As soon as  I entered to school I thoughts went to my school in Georgia,  It reminded me my schooltime which I had  2 years ago and now I am here in Frydek, Poland. Well, I met teacher and had a short conversation before my classes.  chirldren already were waiting  for Georgian guest ,first time I entered to the 7th class  I introduced myself, pupils seemed excited. from the  beggining i asked them what did they know about my country  and i got quite  good answers from them. After that they gave me questions about school and education in Georgia  , were interested how and when Georgians celebrate Christmas or Easter and which are the most touristic places in Georgia also we disccused about what similarities our qountries have .

I got the most active pupils from he 8th grade, especially boys were so interested about Georgia and it’s customs . we talked a lot about  nature,  sports, recources of the country and religion. The most ineteresting topic was food  and wine. They were pleased alot. In order they understand more  sometimes I  taked in Polish language. I have to underline that their English was pretty good. teachers  were listening to me carefully and atthe end of lecture they thanked me alot, plus  they invited me to another school. thanks  all of them for attention and these nice day ! We will meet again ! 



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