On arrival training (Sara&Berin)


First of all thankyou for training.

First I want to say something about educators. They taught us a lot about EVS. we met our volunteer friends living in different cities of Poland. we played games together and talked about our own countries. we identified specific topics and talked to them about people in Poland. For example, the topic of our group was education. we interviewed students about education in Poland. Thanks to this training, people from different cultures came together. we danced with music from our own culture.

We have learned about the questions we wonder. Hotel and meals were prepared with care for us.we had a very nice week and successful and well thought out  a program. The energy of the coordinators inthe training was very good. I’m looking forward to other training. 


I totally agree with Berin.

We went to “On arrival training” two weeks ago. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had since I’ve been in Poland. For the people we met there and for the activities we do. I went there without expectations and I have a great experience that has taught me more about Poland, my project and myself.


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