#BeEntrepreneur in Gilowice

Our workshop #BeEntrepreneur with the students of the High school in Gilowice endend this week. In this two last meeting we talked about a lot of subjects and now it is time to resume and I hope to clarify. At the end of this article you will find the bibliografy, some interesting books and video links to deepen to the entrepreneurship issues.

First of all we arrived to the definition and the meaning of Entrepreneurship through a debate. Then we talk about Motivation of individuals and especially of an entrepeneur to link with Mission and Vision of Enterprises. Talking about motivation is not a easy things. There is a lot of psicologist and beavihoural economics studies. I chose to introduce the theory of Dan Ariely (Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations). The student was quite surprise to discover our complicated is to define and find how motivation works. For this reason I propose a game: Bubble game a team building game. During the debriefing time they set out an interesting point of view about leaders and followers and how it is important that an entrepreneur will be also a good leader but at the same time he needs a good followers. There are not leaders without followers.

Then we talk about how it is important for a good collaboration share the same feeling and value, especially in the beginning of a hard adventure like is to be an entrapreneur. So we deepen the definition with some exemple of Mission and Vision. here 

The last meeting was the hardest, I guess. We talk about the tools that can help to design and shw their own idea of enterprise, but that they can use also in their daily life.

First of all I introduce the SWOT analysis. To understand how it works we did a SWOT analysis in order to decide whether take a part or not in an EVS project. Then It was time to introduce the Business model Canva. It is a tools composed by 9 sections that give the chance to display in only one page the business idea. In the following link you will find some description and videos:

  • Create you own Business Model Canvas: here
  • Video that explain Business Model Canvas: here
  • Dan Ariely’s Ted talk: here
  • Eric Ries, Lean StartUp Methods: here
  • Thiel Peter, Masters Blake Zero to One: here



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