Trip to Katowice

Katowice! It’s exactly what I want to start writing about, my dear readers. On the 11th of January I was in Katowice on my business. First, we travelled (Natalia and Marcin) to Katowice by car and then by train. It took us around 1hour and 20min to get to the city. All I knew about Katowice was that it’s one of the biggest cities in Poland. So before our trip I checked pictures of this beautiful city via internet, but when I saw it with my own eyes I got amazed how marvelous the city is with its fabulous streets, old buildings, impressive Catholic churches and heartwarming atmosphere!

Katowice was way beyond my expectations!

My and my new Friend Tomek after great lunch ! 😀

Moreover, I would like to underline one thing. It is rather snowy winter but Katowice was so clean and it is obvious that local inhabitants take care of the city. Everything is so neat and perfect that you feel how much effort and love is behind every detail. Even the snow is pure white and spotless like an artificial decoration for a film scene!  I come from Georgia, a beautiful green country from the South of the Caucasus and it doesn’t snow very often in my country that was why I was so impressed! 

It was cold outside but when you are in such a big and beautiful city, where people are smiling to you and everybody is so helpful and supportive, you don’t feel any cold and you are more interested. There I met Tomek – the guy who helped me with all the issues that I had to do in Katowice. We talked a lot about many interesting things and I was happy to find similar views on many things and it was great! I got to know a lot of interesting facts about Katowice from him. It’s, what I am calling, cultural exchange – he was asking me questions about Georgia and I was asking about Poland, especially Katowice. Such heartfelt conversations at cozy places often show and teach you a lot and I really enjoyed our time.


I didn’t have much time to walk around the city and it was my first visit but now I have my own must-do and must-see lists when I am in Katowice next time and I am looking forward for the opportunity! And, I promise, I will share my fresh impressions with great pleasure!

To my dear readers, I highly recommend the city to visit and explore!


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