Meeting with job adviser

Today is the 17th of January. I am happy because the weather is great and the sun is shining so brightly!

Today I would like to write about yesterday’s journey to Katowice.  So I will follow the events in sequence.

My day started at 6.45. After waking up and having breakfast I came to the office and we, Marcin, Natalia and I, left for Katowice. As you know from previous blog they are my coordinators and much more than simply coordinators: they have become my guardian angels from the very first day of my arrival who have accepted me to their big family and are supporting me every step of the way!

Well, we took a train in Tychy and in 20 minutes we were at the central train station of Katowice. Approximately at 10.15 am we were already in office and stated to work! I had to prepare the plan/ideas regarding entrepreneurship workshops/activities to youngsters and then to represent my ideas and plan. I had to discuss them with a job advisor, and she was going to be at the office at 4 pm. As I got down to work a weird but the funniest part started 😀 I had such a feeling that my brain was working at turbo speed because ideas were appearing in my brain incredibly fast. My ideas covered thousand of topics starting from human rights to Global problems in the world or how to manage time as well as how improve leadership skills. Later I had a small consultation with Natalia and she helped me cope with the fountain of my ideas by giving me the definite direction. So at last I made the project on how to make Europass CV – maybe the topic that I chose sounds a bit boring but definitely it’s extremely helpful for future career in order to know how to make the first impression on employees.

 By the way, my dear readers, I can share one good tip with you: imagine all the possible scenarios what can happened at a workshop/presentation/meeting and how you can manage them. It’s a useful method and it really works!

                After finishing preparations for the presentation I had free time for walking around Katowice and having lunch. This time I chose Burger King – junk but delicious food 😀 Another important mission I had was to find the central bus station in Katowice because on Friday midday I am travelling to Lublin. So I quickly found the destination with the help of Google maps and they didn’t disappoint me … at least I didn’t get lost (frankly speaking, I have funny experience of getting lost in a new place)! Then I walked a lot along the central streets of Katowice and took a lot of pictures. I was really enjoying my free time so much that I didn’t even notice how I had covered almost 5 km distance and it was too much for me 😀 The lunch break turned into a small adventure!

                Beata, the advisor, arrived exactly on time.  We had worked in non-stop regime for 3.30 hours and definitely made great presentation.  Our cooperation was really fruitful. We added some interesting facts and information to the topic and made some practical exercises with the help of Beata. We had great team chemistry with Beata what motivates me to work harder.

                So, my dear readers, my today’s conclusion is simple: It doesn’t matter what you are doing; only two things matter: willingness to develop and working in a great team!


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