Useful Experience

,,Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher” – Maggie Gallagher, (American writer).

 As for me, a couple of years ago I didn’t think much of it although I have always had a lot of wonderful examples of what being a good teacher means. Fortunately, I was lucky to have a lot of great teachers and lecturers in my life. Therefore, I fully understand all the responsibilities and difficulties and have experiences lots of happy moments and jolly situations with my teachers.

In my viewpoint, being a good teacher means:

1. Leadership skills. You conduct all the processes in a classroom and you have to give pupils the information that you already know focusing on team-work and individual approach as well.

2. Respect. That word has especial power and it means everybody listens to each other and children feel safe to express their feelings and are eager to get more and more information from you.

But …. Everything that seems easy is not so. Many things changed when I had to prepare for the first lecture at school. I understood how much effort is needed to get ready for a simple (as it seems from the first sight) lesson. I entered the classroom well-prepared, with the presentation on how to fill in Europass CV (from previous blog). Before I entered the class I saw that all the children were happy to see me, they were smiling and one child even asked the head teacher if we they were going to have a lecture with Zura (me). After hearing a positive answer he was so happy, that he even ran up to me and hailed me! It was very pleasant for me! (I even remember his name – Cristian). So, before the first lesson I entered class and spoke to English teacher. She is an exceptionally welcoming and positive lady, always ready to help anytime I need. The conversation covered some details of the teaching process and she gave a couple of useful tips.

The most important thing I wanted the children to feel free and ask any question without hesitation! Frankly speaking, I was a bit nervous because you never know what question children can ask!

            So, I installed a projector and got ready for the lesson. I started with a short self introduction speech and presentation of my country and then I spoke about EVS project. I continued with asking if anybody knows what Europass CV is. I was pleasantly surprised because they were just 14 years old (some of them 15) and some of them already knew much about such an important document. I explained them how to create Europass CV and what they should write in it in details. They asked me plenty of questions regarding the CV. For example, one of them asked me what kind of picture is good to upload in the CV, and I showed the slide with improper pictures and good ones.

            After that, I divided them into 3 groups and gave them different CVs with mistakes and they had to do find the mistakes and correct them within 20 minutes and they managed to do it perfectly without my help!

            And last… The biggest reward for my modest work and the most heart-warming thing to me that day was the moment when I heard how the children were asking the head teacher if they would have another lesson with me. Thank you, guys! You are awesome!

So, since that today I have understood one important thing: being a teacher is not so easy, because you should be always prepared and motivated to teach children permanently something new.


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