Mid-Term Training

I almst reached end of my project. That means I had to go to my mid-term traing. that time the training was held in Torun city. Torun is one of the beautiful city of Poland full of gothic buildings and famous for ginger-bread. That not all Torun is city where Nicholas Copernicus used to live in.

So after this short description I would like to talk about the training. We were 16 volunteers there, Hungarians, Romanian,Frenches, Italians, Greek,Turkishes,German and Georgians, mostly of us we have spent more six monthes in Poland so on our training we had possibility to exchange our experinces and discussed the future of our project. Also had opportiunity to enjoy beautiful Torun. We Stayed in ,,Holtelik w Centrum” which located front of church of st.Katarzyna.

we had nice trainers Wojtek and Michael. As a rule we started out day with activity where we met other volunteers and get know eachother. Then we got different tasks to explore city. during the weeek had had possbilities to visit christmas market, museum of ginger bread, house of Nicholas Copernicus, several museums as it seemed there were many sightseeings, city was quite big, cold but not too much. I consider we were lucky to be in Torun.

The main aim and porpouse of the meeting was that our trainers gave us the following recources :

– Youthpass – What’s in it for You(th)? (Leaflet on Youthpass)

– Context of writing (Youthpass writing tips)

– What’s next? (The links on future possibilities)

– Competences (self-assessment cards)

we have got much more future opportiunities than we thought. our tainers gave us motivation more self-confidence . we all were happy and pleased with the training thanks to Michael , Wojtek and al members of the training.


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