Georgian Evening

That was the evening we were looking forward to and had a huge preparation. we planned to make Georgian evening and let people know more about Georgia and the things they did not know and have not heard about at all. there were about 20 people. I have to underline that we had translator , pani Natalia Germanek , who translated out presentation and give people ability to be aware of our evening. thanks to Natalia.

Georgian Days

people were too interested opened our evening with the video that sowed Georgia, its cities, villages, landscapes, nature , churches , resorts and of course capital city . also we had a game , we showed attendants Georgian alphabet and they were asked to wrote their names in Georgian . was funny and nice try. most of them did pretty well, we did not expect that !:)

one of the most important part of the evening was when our guests were able to taste Georgian Mchadi and Gozinaki which were made by me. also white and red Georgian wine.

evening continues… after break was presented Georgian national dances and national clothes . I explained main steps and movements in Georgian dances . and I talked about dresses and its element , decorations.

that is not all ! our guests sang a song about Batumi which was sin Polish.

after song Zura talked about Polish-Georgian relations which consisted some historical occurrences.

Thnanks for everybody for you interests and visiting. was lots of joy .

If you have some doubts about Georgia you can just watch the video. If it’s worth to go !


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