Activity in Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the place were you can start study many things ! It is first big step in life, it means you are meet with new people, listening to teacher and some funny activities which you can’t understand but doing sometimes 😀 I think almost everybody was going to kindergarten and on one thing we are agreed (readers), this is most colorful and interesting place !

So I start writing my opinion about kindergarten because I had lesson with children. Firstly I really like to work with children ! See there happy and smiling face is the best thing ever ! But it was not so easy to start lesson, because they were 3 group younger were 3 years old, elders are 5, I should prepared well because they couldn’t speak English well because they were child. So I worked on my Polish and prepared. My Polish was great I didn’t suppose to be so good ! 😀 I also prepared some energizers and activities which contain to write some things. For each lesson I had time for 15 minute.

To be honest it was something new for me. Kindergarten is one of the most important place because there you start understating many things, your teacher has big influence on you in some case you are just changing. So it was great experience work with children. They were asking me questions, talk with me, explaining something which I don’t understand. Overall it was great experience, It is something new for me and great !


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