My experience in Torun (Berin).

Hello to everyone !!!

This week I would  like to tell you about the voluntary education we received in Torun.(25.02.19-02.03.19) In fact, I liked the first education in Warsaw  ,new information, new friends and the activities we did together were nice. Thanks to it we should be a better team together. we understood everything. But ,in every city education differs. It was helpful. Because, if we want to live in Poland,( After our project is finished)than we have got information about how we can get a job. İt was great and it was also good  for our friends who want to live in Poland. Then we talked about our dreams and the plans we want to make in the future.

we also  songs from different languages. We chatted with our friends in different projects in Torun   and we also walked by the river in the city.

Many thanks to the dear coordinators Dagna & Eliza who are with us throughout the training. I would like to say that I like the hotel and the food is very tasty. İn my opinion,Torun is a one of the most beautiful cities of Poland . We  visited the city and city museums thanks to the tasks given activities during the training . Two high school students we met in the city of Torun gave us information about the history of the city. it was one of the greates experiences in Poland for me.


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