Trip to Katowice Museum

Hello,dear readers! The 25th of March is the day that I will never forget (you may think: too many unforgettable days but this it true!). Katowice Museum stole my heart! I have never visited any museum like this! For me, to the person who doesn’t know much about the region, it was a perfect introduction to the history of the city and Silesia. I can describe all my feeling in one word — incredible. To be honest I am not a big fan of museums but what I saw there change my perception of the city and region totally. Let’s follow events in due sequence.

In the morning, Lele and I travelled to Katowice, where we met my friend Tomek!Lele met him for the first time but in a couple of minutes they felt as if they had known each other for ages! Tomek (from previous blog) is great person, he is the person who is always positive and friendly! Tomek took us to the bakery were I ate the best donuts in Katowice, really delicious! After small breakfast we went to Museum of Katowice (on Thursdays the entrance is free): special thanks to Natalia for the information!

Entrance To the Museum

After entering we started to study the exhibits of the museum. On the first place there were the pictures by Polish painters, which were amazing! I have never seen so many beautiful pictures,sculptures and another pieces of art in one place!On the second floor there was an exhibition dedicated to the history of this unique and complex part of Poland. No words can describe how great it was. I will just show you a few pictures.

It took us about 2 hours to go through all the halls of the museum. 2 hours of joy, admiration and excitement!

 I’m a very happy visitor who got more than expected!

I highly recommend visiting that museum!


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