Brewery Tour

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” — Benjamin Franklin. A tourist guide started his tour. So before I start talking about my tour I would like to express my opinion overally about beer. Alcohol is bad. Any kind of alcohol poisons human body also affects brain and mood. Under the effect of alcohol a person may be happy but on the second day he has a headache and hangover which is not so good process. To be honest I like drinking alcohol but in really normal way. Two mugs of beer is enough to be in good mood and feel good. Beer is the best alcohol for me even for Georgian who mainly prefer wine !

So I was in Tyskie brewery. Tyskie is one of the most famous and oldest beer companies in whole Poland. The first brewery was founded in 1629 Year by local inhabitants, after 2 century one British Baron bought the brewery and started making beer.It is amazing that company exists for 4 centuries ! Tyskie museum was really wouderful.

Firstly because it was old therefore unique because in the world there are not so many old breweries, second point is that the interior and the athmosphere are designed so that you feel how much effort was made in to create that museum ! So after 2 hours of the beer tour I tasted new, fresh and just a great beer ! I felt how great was that beer, also felt high deegre of alcohol 😀 I was so excited. So to my dear readers, I highly recommend Tyskie Brewery Museum ! Are you beer lover ?

Just visit it and enjoy !!!


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