My trip on Warsaw

The first days of April I was lucky enough to spend them in the capital, Warsaw. Multi-ethnic, open and chaotic city where I spent a pleasant week full of memories.

I met fantastic people from different parts of Europe and it was a great opportunity to broaden my cultural horizons and mirror myself with new uses and cultures. The emotions shared with some of these guys will remain indelible in my mind. I will never forget the experience at the Legia stadium with Guy.

Great choreography of the fans of the legia Warsaw.

The pleasant walks in the library with Anna and Silwya, where we can talk to the locals about a controversial and important issue such as zero waste and environmental protection in general.

Italiy and Germany are enemies only in football.

Not only foreign but also Italian friendships. The Italian volunteers were 5, so it was great to come back to speak Italian, but it was even better to go back to eating Italian! In the center of Warsaw we discovered a beautiful restaurant where we returned home for one night and enjoyed a GREAT pizza, artfully prepared. And it was wonderful!

Original made in Italia.

In short, all beautiful, only one thing was not really good .. the food! You must explain to me with what logic you put the jam on the pasta, and no, they are not tastes, these are blasphemies!


In any case, it was a wonderful experience, thanks for the opportunity, but when the water start to boil, put salt in it, and just after that, you can throw in the pasta, and above all put the ragú, the tomato sauce (NOT THE KETCHUP) the tuna, you have the embarrassment of the choice and damn it throw the jam. This is a sacrilege, let it be known.

Learn to cook, affectionately an Italian.


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