A special day of sausages and garbage

Saturday, April 13, the kind Mr. Mirek gave me the opportunity to spend a pleasant day cleaning up the wisla. But before that, we filled our stomachs eating sausages and drinking coffee to get our fill of strength.

After that, men, boys, children and parents, rolled up our sleeves and armed with garbage bags and gloves, we cleaned the Wisła valley spending pleasant hours together and making an important contribution to the environment.

Everyone at work!

After a couple of hours we returned to the equipment area to eat the remaining sausages and unload the accumulated garbage and I was amazed how much waste people throw in the green, but at the same time I felt proud of the work done.

Kilos and kilos of waste thrown away without knowing the damage.

It was a stimulating experience that I hope to do again in the future, see all these people mobilize themselves for a good cause is always wonderful and I hope that this can be the first of a long series of similar experiences here in Poland. Dziękuję bardzo!


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