My first Italian lesson on my birthday!

April 25th has always been a special day for me, for Italy and especially for my family.

It is not only the day when we Italians celebrate liberation from Nazi-fascism, but it is also my birthday! My friends and relatives like to joke about this, claiming that my mother, on this historic day, my mother “freed” from me giving birth to me, as Italy freed herself from Nazi fascism.

The Italians celebrate in the square with the tricolor (25/04/1945)

My birthday, it was almost always a ritual for me, because is a national holiday I almost always tried to take advantage of it and have fun with friends until night.
But not this year.

This year my first Italian lesson was commissioned. And, even if the “night” I spent in video calling with my brothers, it was a wonderful experience! At 10 am I start my Italian lesson at the Liceum Ogólnokształcące Zbigniewa Religi w Gilowicach, and initially I was a little disoriented, I fell at least 10 times the magnets with which I should have fixed my posters for the lesson, thank goodness that with me was the kind teacher of French and Italian Magdalena Jankowska, prepared, kind, open and helpful teacher who assisted me. After this small impediment, it was a horse race.

To start I prepared a small historical excursus, on the Roman conquests and on Renaissance Italy, to explain that Italian is a complex language since from Rome, up to the unity of Italy, my country has had to do with an incredible number of cultures and therefore languages, from their mixture comes the vulgar, and from the vulgar was born the Italian.

A map I designed on the domains of the Roman Empire during the period of maximum extension

Afterwards we had a little conversation and in turn we all talked about our hobbies and how we usually spend the day. After a brief pause, I explained the story of April 25th, and I surprised everyone by saying that in addition to being a party in Italy and the day of my birthday, I forced those present to sing to me “because I am a squalid person” te “in Italian, a very funny and embarrassing moment at the same time.

At the end of the lesson the students asked me some questions about Italian culture, many others were personal questions, about what I like about Poland or not, what I think are the most beautiful cities in Italy and many others. It was a wonderful moment and talking about my country to students from another land, in another language, it was a wonderful experience that gave me a different and fun birthday. I hope that similar situations will be repeated more and more frequently. Thank you so much for the opportunity!


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