A Sicilian hero

Today, 9 May, Giuseppe Impastato, known as Peppino, died in Cinisi, in the province of Palermo, 41 years ago. But who is this hero I want to talk about today? Let’s find out together

Peppino was born in Cinisi to a mafia family whose boss is his father’s brother-in-law, don Cesare Manzella, killed in an ambush by the then deputy boss Gaetano Badalamenti, who after this loss becomes the head of the Cinisi family and is in this period of mourning that Peppino, still a child, begins to ask himself questions about why his dear grandfather was eliminated, and in this period he begins to have his idea of the facts and approaches the world of socialism and antimafia.

A famous photo of Cinisi’s family with Cesare Manzella on the left with the coppola on his head

The boy is dedicated to social activism and denunciation. In 1965 he founded the newspaper “The socialist idea”, participated in the struggles of the peasants, then dispossessed because of the construction of the third runway at Palermo airport, in 1977 he founded “Radio AUT” which he used to denounce, by names and surnames, the misdeeds of the Cinisi family. The father no longer tolerates this situation and hunts him early from home.

Peppino with his father

In 1978 Peppino decides to run for provincial elections, but before he even knows the results of the elections, he is assassinated on the night between 8 and 9 May. The same day in Italy the current Christian Democrat deputy Aldo Moro is killed and the attention of the media does not give particular attention to Peppino.

The body of Aldo Moro found in Rome

Peppino is instead found lifeless and full of explosives in the Cinisi railway, the press and the police spoke of suicide, but friends and family did not accept the situation and took to the streets to remember their memory and only after a period of struggle and insistence the truth was released.

“With Peppino’s ideas and courage we continue”

Now you know a life story. The life story of a man who got himself killed on his land, repudiating the possibility of going outside and giving up his battle. A real man, a real Sicilian, one of those who feel the Sicilian blood flowing in the veins like the waters of the Mediterranean and with a fiery courage like the lava of Etna. And thanks to incredible men like Peppino Impastato who are proud of being Sicilian, and despite all the disgust in which my land pours out, I love it, and I will never stop doing it, and for her I will fight until the end of my days and until the last breath, because we have the duty to fight for her, we have the duty to leave our children a better place, where they will not be ashamed of being Sicilian and having to constantly hear “Sicily-Mafia”. Sicily is not just the mafia! Sicily is much more and I owe a lot to this person who made me understand how important the value of the struggle is. And if we fight at least half of what he did, then things will change.


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