YE Exchange

Hello Dear readers ! Today is 3rd of the June and 2 days ago to Poland visited our YE Exchange participants with their mentors. Overall there were 30 Students. There were 3 groups of students. One group was from Poland another Portugal and Scotland. So our organization FRSP start preparing for young student’s activity for the first day.

Firstly to imagine for readers, everything started with the meeting of the mentors to audience and then with our presenting after the representing ourselves students starting with our help to create their rules. Rules was simple be tolerance to each other for all those days, speak in English and so on. After finishing writing of rules we ask them to write on the small paper which we gave them expectations and fears for all those 7 days. There feedback was different, my favorite was good food ! 😀 all I can say that all good expectation will come true because they have such a unique chance and be in different country and met new people. Second point of the day was the game that name is ,,spider web’’. To make that game all you need is big and long thread. You are throwing then thread to another person, and he has to say his name and what he like the most. It was very funny and good game. For the better perception I have upload picture how it is looks like. After the game we were talking about ESC and ERASMUS+ programs, and we share with auditory our experience. We also talked about what does it mean to us to be volunteered in Poland. Our great evening finished with Polish dance which is called ,,Polonaise’’. To be honest I am not so good in dances but I try to do my best ! 😀 I would like to underline that all the participants were very dancing well even if it was for the first time 😀 It was great day for all of us. I would like give a special thanks to FRSP and specially Natalia my coordinator because without her hard work on the project it wouldn’t be achievable. For all those days I saw how hard she is working and it is great example for me in future !


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