Visit to Auschwitz, thoughts and considerations of citizen of the world

On June 1st, Zura and I talked about our experience as EVS volunteers to a mixed group of Portuguese, Scots and Poles who are starting this new experience. It was very strange to talk about the project “from the other side”, until recently it was all new and all the information was something never heard that resonated unusual to my ears, now instead I am describing the peculiarities of the project and this makes me proud of myself because it denotes that I am learning so much, and as I learn I teach. Unbelievable!

The meeting was held in Auschwitz, a city I had wanted to visit for a long time, and, taking advantage of the hospitality of our dear Spanish friend Sara, also a volunteer like us, but at Auschwitz, we greeted the group at around 8 pm: 30 and we rushed to his home, just in time to see one of the most boring Champions League finals ever (even if I’m happy with the final result for Klop, which deserves this trophy more than any other). The next morning we woke up early, and headed to the Auschwitz museum where we got to know more about the critical living conditions that the Jews were subjected to during the Holocaust

As we entered we found this quote, which fully reflects the reason why we should NEVER forget

I was incredibly impressed by reading the incredible numbers of deaths during this terrible page in our history, and I felt just as much compassion in seeing the health and life conditions reserved for these people.

A lookout tower of the Auschwitz camp
Photos of some children subjected to some experiments

After two abandoned hours we left the museum and we went home very tired, but not knowing that there was the possibility of visiting the Birkenau concentration camp (a vast concentration camp and work place where you have the chance to see the gas chambers) once back at Sara’s house, we armed ourselves with good will and after a nice cold coffee we took the bus and went to Birkenau, an incredible place. The incredible intelligence of building behind this complex concentration camp amazed me a lot, and although I was very tired, I was able to visit it all without dying from heat or tiredness, an incredible experience.

The Birkenau monument dedicated to the died Jews during the Holocaust
The entrance of Birkenau photograph from the whole

Unbelievable how this place makes you think, reflect, of course on the incredible atrocities that this person suffered, but more than anything else the question that bombarded my brain all the time was: “A structure designed entirely for ‘torture of ‘ man denotes an incredible planning and execution intelligence. Why do we sell our intelligence to evil? Why don’t we use it to guarantee equity and freedom that we, as people, deserve? Why can’t we put aside our personal interests to try to improve the conditions of who live in poverty? “

I formulated a personal answer to this question, and is, that man is his own evil, because he does nothing but destroy the weak to stand socially and be the strongest, and this because the truth si that “We are afraid!” Constantly. We are afraid to die, but at the same time we are afraid to live because we are constantly convinced that someone wants to usurp what the gift of life has given us. The answer of the atrocities of man is only this: Fear.

Fear that denotes an incredible weakness. Even if we build immense constructions, incredible space ships, at the same time we build incredible weapons, incredible defense tools, defended by who?! Only from ourselves, because we are convinced that we are big, but in reality we are small. And the only way to be big, like what we build, is to respect each other and try to improve each other without destroying the other, but holding out the arm. And we have to be big. Because we have a gift that was only a gift to us, the choice, and we cannot afford to diminish it by hurting each other, it is an insult to life and to respect for humanity! These events must serve us to understand, reflect and act accordingly, for a world where such atrocities will never happen again and where the exploited and the exploiter do not exist, but the free man, as a man.

Photos of the first massacre by the Gestapo and the SS units that, after occupying Ukraine, massacred an incredible number of Jews (photo of 28 August 1941)

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