Summer in Poland

Hello, my dear readers ! I have great news. Summer has already come to Poland at last!!! It means great weather and time to do great things. For me summer is associated with vacations, entertainment and great mood! I will write few reasons why summer is the best season.

1. Vacations !! Everybody loves vacations and in this case I totally agree with this opinion! When it is summer you are free. There is no job (in majority of cases) no school, everybody has heaps of time to meet with you. My advice to you, my readers, is barbecue! There is nothing better than a barbecue in these time. Making barbecue is not just about food, it is a process which unites people when they get together to share good mood, tell jokes, sing and make each other’s days a bit brighter.

2. Free time. Nothing compares with summer freedom. However, the time is flying so fast and everybody (except me :D) should use it very productively. Morning jogging and listening to your favorite songs is always a good idea. In the midday – read some great book and then spend great time with family or friends ! A glass of good (of course, Georgian) red wine in a good company is sometimes the best remedy against negativity.

In Poland the weather this moment is great. I see how people enjoy the weather. I think weather effects the mood greatly. So in Wola were I am making my volunteering we are having great weather, furthermore we have small but beautiful forest ! I really enjoy walking there thinking about my future plans and pondering on different issues and enjoying the unforgettable moments. Not soo bad, ha? 😀


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