A special day between stoves and aspiring chefs

Day 31 I had the pleasure of holding a culinary workshop for children between 8 and 12. At 10:30 am Zura and I (who helped me in a decisive way by translating the passages of the recipes explained from English into Polish) we went in the kitchen and we began to arrange the ingredients needed to prepare the watermelon frost and pizza.

At 11:00 our aspiring chefs arrived, to whom I explained how to prepare the watermelon frost, a typical Sicilian dessert with easy preparation, while I was explaining the steps to be taken we ate a bit of watermelon remained and once finished preparing “the dough “we started to prepare the pizza while we waited for it to cool the frost and then put it in the fridge.

A little girl helps me filter the watermelon pulp

I taught children the technique of “slap” (a methodology that consists of taking the bread dough from the ends and slamming it with force and energy into the kitchen top in order to spread the dough as much as possible) and had a great time slap the dough with energy. Once spread out well, using a rolling pin, we put the dough in a baking dish and put their favorite ingredients.

A little pizza maker at work

After we put the pizza in the oven and the watermelon frost in the fridge, we waited for half an hour and we ate all together the dishes cooked in synergy. It was a wonderful experience, despite the final fatigue, and I thank the GOK and my association for allowing me to test myself with this kind of activity.


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