Trip to Racibórz

On the 1th of August I had a trip with children from Silesia to town Racibórz. All the trip was organized by GOK – Gmina Osrodek Kultury. The distance from Wola to Raciórz is 75 km. The town is located in the southern of Poland in Upper Silesia. Racibórz is one of the historic capitals of Upper Silesia. In Racibórz there are lots of great places to visit. For example, the castle, the church, a beautiful old town center and also marvelous nature. But today I would like to express my feeling about the trip to Racibórz. As I previously mentioned, it was a trip with a lot of children, so we there were approximately 35 people including me. We agreed to set off at 8 o’clock and the meeting point was in Wola near my flat. After entering the bus, I got interested in the plan for the trip. It turned out that we were going to visit the castle, then the old town and finally, the zoo in Racibórz. The trip took 1hour 30min. And the time flew unbelievably fast!

First place we visited was the castle which is big and inside of the castle there was a small church designed in gothic style, which due to its high artistic level was called the pearl of Silesian gothic. It is always so amazing to see and feel how people managed to create such a sophisticated beauty so long time ago. Children were happy, they were also talking, laughing and sometimes asking me lots of questions in Polish I have never seen so many energetic children together – it was great!

Next point was the old town of Racibórz, which is not very big if we compare it with another old towns. It is small and clean place. In the Old town we ate ice-cream and it was good idea! When I was eating, I intentionally was watching the group. They were having fun, furthermore, they were running around the place tirelessly! My dear readers, take in consideration that their age is between 7-8!! Next and last destination was the Zoo. That zoo was very interesting because everywhere you can find the names of the species so it is quite educative. it was big and there are such a lot of fantastic flowers which are very rare to find in Poland. I have seen many beautiful places but never anything like that cozy zoo! The work performed by the Zoo workers is amazing and priceless.

Well, in conclusion I can say only one thing. The children after the trip are happy and so am I. What could be more important ?!


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