Park Ojców

Hello my readers. Today I named blog article park Ojców. To clear everything I will tell you what does it mean. Park Ojców mean father park. Why it is named like that I don’t know. On the 6th of August I visit it.. Park Ojców located between Katowice and Kraków. Park established in 1956.

In 1829 Frederic Chopin visit park. Place is very unique because here was founded he earliest settlement in the area dates to the Paleolithic, approximately 120,000 years ago. Our trip with children started at 8 o’clock and firstly we visit in Ojców park sattelments of local inhabitants in medieval age. Tourist guide show us how people were making bread and how hard they were working.

Second location was the cave. As I mention upper in Ojców park was first settlements of human in Poland they were living in cave. Cave is located on the small rock to get there you should walk approximately 15-20 minute. So we get to our point. We enter to cave and in place was very cold -8 degree, Not so hot. After entering to cave I saw (first time) how the archeologist were working on the place and it was interesting to watching them.

In my trip most interesting was nature. Park Ojców is marvelous place. After visiting that place I realize how beautiful can be world. Thanks to that trip I more discovered Poland. I highly recommend place to visit !


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