My experience at the 2019 senior badminton world championship

From 2 to 4 August, I had the pleasure of working as a volunteer at the World Senior Badminton Championship. A unique and formative experience from a professional point of view, even if quite demanding.

The organization provided me with accommodation in the city center and this allowed me to go out from time to time to learn more about Katowice, a city that by now is familiar to me, although in reality, I didn’t have much time for go out. The first two days of work are carried out at Katowice airport where I and other volunteers showed new arrivals from various parts of the world how to get to the stadium from the airport.

The third and last day, even the most tiring one, was given the task of line referee instead. A task that can arouse a bit of fear if, like me, you know very little about the sport in question, but after seeing the other volunteers at work and following the organizers’ explanation, I also took to the field and did this arduous task

The line referees who preceded me make their entry into the playing field

I have arbitrated an incredible number of games, I started around 08:00 and ended at 23:00! But despite the fatigue it was rather pleasant to experience the atmosphere of the stadium at night when the stands and stands filled up and created a carousel of colors made of flags and banners

Some nice supporters of Thailand support their champions

Once the meetings were over, I greeted the kind coordinators who followed me during the tournament and with them also Spodek, a place to which I inevitably became attached.


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