Football match

Football is wonderful game ! One of my favorite sport definitely. I am football fan of the English club Manchester United. I started watching football 11 yeas ag I even remember match that I watched but today my readers, you are not going to read about my football taste.

On the 26 of August I had football game. Silesia versus rest of world. Event was organized by FRSP. So let’s start with lineup ! For the world were playing: Lele (Italy), Jorge (Spain), Me (Zurab; Georgia), Diogo (Brazil) and we had in lineup 3 players which are representing Silesia but played for us. In Silesian team were playing Silesians, some of them were professional football players and it makes match more watchable !

Match started and it was very intensive match ! Also, it was very hot. Sun burn us, but drinking water and a bit rest helped us. Match has over and the last result was 4-4. Draw ! It means friendship won ! Our top scorer was Diogo from Brazil. I think it is event not surprise because In my opinion all the Brazilians knows how to play football 😀 After the game I feel so tired that couldn’t move normally. I am so happy to be participated in such a nice event. It was not just one football match it was something another for me because I feel celebration and pleasure from event, like a being member of big family.

On the second day I had pain in whole body but as It said ,,if you have pain you are alive” So I feel way better but I don’t remember to run so much in warm weather. I enjoy and it is most important ! but I was not only one who has been such a tired 😀

So in conclusion I would like say that football is connected people and it is one of the best game. Event was great, match was perfect !


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