Cross-border Entrepreneurship project – volunteering in Poland – FRSP

Hello to everyone! I’m Fabiana and I just take part at the volunteering project for entrepreneurship rural development in Silesia Region.

I’m Italian and I’m a I-O Psychologist. I have experience in Recruitment and Consulting Psychology. I like travel and meets different cultures and know new languages and habits.

I decided to come to Poland with the starts of a new year, because I love this project. I had been looking at the Foundation’s website for some time and many of the activities are close to my experience and taste. I can help people to start with their own business, search job and I can teach informal education for child to improve their entrepreneurship attitudes, I like to visit and stay abroad for long time to open my mind and take challenges with myself. In my opinion, all people can have one or more experiences outside their comfort zone. I think it’s important to work everyday with the possibility to learn something new and become useful for other person.

Furthermore, I’ve always liked fairytale landscapes of Poland and I’ll valuate to remain there if I enjoyed my ten months in Wola. I’ll visit big cities in Silesia Region like Katowice as well as outside the Sliesia – Kracow and I’ll give you some information about places, attractions and activities.

I would like to talk about the possibiliity for everyone to take part at an European Project like a way to improve your employability, foreign languages and knowledges about thirselves.

“Life starts at the end of your comfort zone” and choose to depart from your city to discover a very new environment can give added value to your everyday life and can help you to discover a new way to live your life and business.

I’ll update you soon! HNY TO ALL! 🙂


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