Volunteering in Silesia, Poland – ,,Cross-border culture”

Welcome Dears’

I’m Lily Zazadze, 19 years old from Georgia. I arrived in Poland on January 8th.

How did I get there?

EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY CORPS sent me an invitation. As I read the details of the project, I thought why not and filled out the application. After the application, we had a Skype interview. A few days later I got Mail. It was written that they had chosen me. My joy had no boundaries. I was most pleased. Imagine going to a foreign country where your small country has to be introduced to the people with its great history, past and unparalleled culture. But not only that. It gives me the opportunity to learn about the culture of Poland and Silesia. Getting to know new people, new rules
and traditions and lots of new sensations.

Now, a little about myself

I live in Samtskhe-Javakheti, Akhaltsikhe. I study law at the same university. I worked as a journalist and sales manager on local television. I have been actively involved in the non-governmental organization since the age of 13. They taught me a lot.
I have a sister and a brother. My brother and mother help me to achieve all my goals, they are good examples of what a real human being should be like.

Also, a little about my expectations

I think the best 9 months are waiting for me, an unforgettable time. I am writing this blog from the office and it is such a warm aura that I feel at home.

what should I do

I’m going to do my best. Share all my knowledge and experience with all participants. Introduce Georgian culture and traditions. To teach English and to love myself, you too … I’m going to post blogs and share you everything



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