Lily has done it! For the first time in her life…

Have you ever tried skating?

For the first time to me it happened in my life at 19, at Tychy. Until now I have not been skating. It was the first and unforgettable feeling for me.

On January 11th, the mentors and all the volunteers in Silesia went to Tychy for ice skating.

I was a little worried about not knowing how everything would work out.

Also I was very scared at first not to break my glasses or to break my ankles as we were warned. I was surprised when I find myself off my feet and sitting on the cold ice! But as you know we all fall at some point and getting up is a part of life. So, after my two fall down I learn much more. After many attempts, I was able to find myself at the center of the ice rink. So, finally I did it.

After our adventure we went for a coffee. We got to know each other well, laughed a lot, enjoyed ourselves, and returned home with great emotion and motivation.

Thanks to FRSP



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