Travel to KATOWICE

Hi everyone! How are you?

This is my thirteenth day in Poland and I already have some things to tell you. Yesterday was my first time in Katowice.

Katowice is the capital city of the Silesian Region, in southern Poland. Approximately 3 million of people lives there (Wikipedia).

It’s a University city , multicultural, with several booming multinationals. In recent years it has changed their structure and is possible to see several areas very close to each other, some very old, with building unrestored and others recently build.

We started our morning with a trip from Wola. Trains are very fast and pass continuosly from Tychy. We used car to go to the station. In any case you can take bus and in thirty minutes (at least) you can reach Tychy station.

First impression of the city was about order and cleanliness of transport and roads. We went to the office in the centre (very close to the station) to meet our mentor Tomek.

We did all the administrattive practices about our life in Poland for the next nine months. We turned lots of office, banks and building. We had lunch toghether in a place callde WegaBar, very cool and with a lot of delicious dishes. We were really undecided!

During this our spent togheter, we have talked about this wonderful experience (also Tomek was a volunteer in Berlin years ago). From our words the value of diversity emerged. I think that the will to know other cultures, languages, Countries, it’s a common characteristic for youth that decided to go abroad for this ‘safe but adventourous’ experience. Months spent abroad to live and work in another language, with different tasks, improve your adaptability and open your mind. It’s for sure a changing life experiment.

At the end of the day we are back in the office and we crossed the city centre to take a train to Tychy. I was impressed by the many lights around us. Incredible! The appearence of the same place visited in the morning had changed.

I can’t wait to go back in Katowice to visit Museums and interesting attractive poles.. and then.. tell you about it!



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