You have the opportunity to take a look at these exciting photos!

Today is a Monday, 20th of January. A nice week has started. We went to school in the morning, arranged with the children, then returned to our work.

At 11:30 we were at the Cultural House. We arranged everything, needed items. We were expecting children. At 12:00 everyone was in the room, and we started our workshop with a great motivation. We slowly explained to the children everything to find out. We made fun characters from socks and had a lot of fun. Then we played a little bit, we made a theatrical performance. We also made a scene for theatrical shows from the cardboard box itself.

I think the day went well. The children were also pleased. However, Fabiana and me are definitely going to learn Polish to make communication easier.

Tomorrow, 21 of January we are going to Jump City.

See you later!



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